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Introduction to other services | Save Money, Spend Wisely and Reach Your Goals |

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Periodically, we will outline some other services, that may be of interest to you. No recommendation is offerred or implied, but these are services that we have used ourselves, and know something about.

Wesabe is an interesting service that offers a simple way to watch your expenses in a way that is not hard to do. All the Canadian Banks have been integrated into the service by Wesabe along with thousands of other Banks from around the world.

Many money management software applications are just too much work, and put the average person off. Wesabe says “get to know your own money”.

Wesabe: Spending Summary

In the last 2 months, you’ve spent an average of $ …. per month.
So far this month, you’ve spent $ ….

With a little one time effort at tagging your main expenses, it produces terrific graphs, and information about your spending patterns that immediately gives you a view where your money goes.

I have met the folks, including Jason the CEO, and one thing they are passionate about is ensuring security is rock solid. If you are interested in their service, take a look at

What are your thoughts about Wesabe?

Written by amwatts

April 30, 2008 at 5:00 pm

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